pizza is your best friend

So, we all love pizza, right? But how much? Would you go as far as saying that pizza is your best friend? I mean, I’d definitely never trust someone who’s like “nah, I don’t really fancy pizza”. I’m all like ARE YOU CRAZY! Obviously the fact that we’re organising London’s largest outdoor pizza festival is a sign that we’re all pizza-mad here at MySliceFest HQ. And by the way you guys have reacted to the news, you clearly all love it just as much as we suspected. 

I feel like a pizza obsession is great – I mean not actually healthy but when it tastes that good, it’s hard to care. I mean, everyone wants abs… but they want pizza more (cheat days are real for a reason).

Pizza cheat day

When your friend’s are like “let’s get dinner” and you’re disappointed that it’s not pizza

This legit happens all the time. There’s a ton of great pizza places in London for a reason.

You’ve got the pizza delivery guy on speed dial

He never lets you down…

pizza superhero

Free pizza makes you the happiest you’ve ever been

There’s literally nothing better than a huge slice of super cheesy pizza!

free pizza

You could eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Breakfast pizza is a thing and is perfectly acceptable (will also allow leftovers from the night before).

Your friends always come to you for pizza recommendations

You’re like a fountain of pizza knowledge. Thin crust? Traditional Neapolitan? By the slice? You’re always like, “Oh, I know this great little place…”

You believe in love at first sight because of pizza

You remember your first glance of that bubbling mozzarella on top and you haven’t looked back since!

love at first slice

You are not willing to share your pizza with ANYONE

Your parents? No. Your dog? Nope. Your partner? No way. If they love you, they’ll get it.

You had to limit yourself to only eating pizza once a week

I mean, it was really getting out of hand. Sometimes waiting ‘til the next week is a struggle, but when that day comes, it’s like a birthday and christmas all in one.

You’re easily pleased with toppings

Everyone loves a margherita once in awhile. It’s just so simple and delicious. But at the same time, you’re up for trying crazy toppings. Sometimes you’re in the mood for a ton of toppings, and others you’re like the weirder the better! Don’t worry, we’ll have every basis covered at MySliceFest. I mean, a pizza festival without a margherita would be criminal, but at the same time, who is up for slice with maple syrup?
Pizza comes in all shapes and sizes… you love them all!

You actually own pizza accessories and aren’t even embarrassed about it!

My pizza phone case is the best. It started out as a joke about pizza taking over my life since I started working for MySliceFest and ended with a present that I’m not even ashamed to use! Sure, you get the occasional funny look on the tube but you should never judge someone for their love of pizza.

pizza phone case

You have a ticket to MySliceFest of course!

I mean, a massive pizza party with 10,000 pizza lovers has got to be the best way to spend your summer. If you don’t have a ticket yet, you better be quick. They’re being snapped up left right and centre by all you pizza addicts! Get yours now.


If any of this resonates with you, you need to get yourself down to MySliceFest on Saturday 30th July at Wembley Park for a festival like no other devoted entirely to pizza and music lovers!

MySliceFest pizza festival

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