2nd stage added to MySliceFest

BIG EXCITING NEWS TODAY GUYS! Due to high demand, we’ve added a whole other stage to our festival.

I know, we’re super excited too!

Your reaction to our new festival concept has been insane, you all love the idea of a pizza & music festival combo so much that our tickets are in crazy high demand! I mean, the Super Early Birds selling out in just half an hour back in February should have been a good indication…

2nd stage added to MySliceFest

But the great news is… we have a new stage and you know what that means? More acts of course!


Saskilla & Nu Brand Flexxx, Kiss FM’s DJ Swerve, Reiss Mxlovin, JEY Flash, 5 Star & Alexandru Eftimie will all be joining us on Saturday 30th July at Wembley Park for what is set to be London’s largest outdoor pizza festival and by the looks of things a complete SELL OUT!


We’ve basically managed to cover all bases. Into old school garage? Don’t miss DJ Luck & MC Neat’s set! House music more your kind of thing? Sammy Porter will have that covered. I mean, we’ve even got pizza themed rap battles courtesy of Don’t Flop! So entertainmentwise – we’ve got it covered.


Be sure to have a listen to our MySliceFest Spotify playlist as you count down the days ’til our festival. It’s got some classics and some of this year’s hottest summer tunes. It’ll give you a great idea about what to expect from our line up of some of London’s leading DJs!

This is the best!
So why not grab a bunch of friends together and join us as we make history with the biggest pizza party around! You don’t want to be that person on Monday 1st August asking how everyone’s weekend was and realising you missed out on a pizza festival. It’s a no-brainer… Get your tickets now!

2nd stage added to MySliceFest

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