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1. The pizza… DUH!


This is an obvious one, but you should trust us when we say that the pizza will be worth it! While we’re keeping the brands under our hats at the moment, they will be released very soon and having tasted a lot of pizza lately (it just always seems to be in the office – it’s a hard life, right?!), I can certainly vouch that our vendors are coming up with some very tasty treats for you

2. The Line-Up

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Our killer Dj line-up has been carefully curated to bring you the ultimate pizza party. From the infamous house music and UK Garage duo, Dj Luck & MC Neat, to former BBC 1Xtra resident, Martin 2 Smoove, and numerous XclusiveTouch residents. Expect crowd-pleasing playlists spanning: commercial, house, RnB, festival anthems & similar genres. And keep your eyes peeled as we still have a few acts to reveal!

3. The venue

wembley park

Wembley Park is no stranger to a festival. They’ve previously hosted Holi One Festival and The Colour Run, among many others. No matter what the unpredictable British weather throws at us, we can guarantee no mud slides, which has GOT to appeal to anyone who like me has lost a welly or two to Glastonbury mud over the years. Situated right next to the legendary Stadium itself, just imagine those instagram pics of the sunsetting beside the Wembley arch!

4. The Games


Who doesn’t love a game of giant connect four? Not feeling it? There’ll be loads of house-party/carnival style games to keep you entertained. How about beer pong? Yeah, that’s right. All those years of playing beer pong in your student halls is finally going to pay off. Undefeated champ 2011… just sayin’.

5. The inflatable pizzas

pizza float

You might think that I’m clutching at straws here but I’m actually really excited about these. Today, I got to unwrap 25 5ft tall inflatable pizza slices. Yes, that is my job. You know you’re jealous. These bad boys will be floating around the crowd on the day. So, sit on them, sunbathe (fingers crossed) on them, pose with them… FUN FUN FUN!


London’s first music AND pizza festival and the largest outdoor pizza festival in the whole of the UK!

That’s the stuff that dreams are made of…


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