Pizza lovers, I’ve got great news! Here at MySliceFest, we’ve got no end of tricks up our sleeves and by tricks, I of course mean more PIZZA! Head down to NY Fold on Charing Cross road after work on Thursday for a pizza party to kick off the build up to MySliceFest in the summer.

Yeah, you heard me right… a FREE pizza party in Soho this week!

NY Fold slice

Taking place at NY Fold on Charing Cross road in Soho, it’s the perfect Thursday night spot – and even better because none of us have to get up for work on Friday (got to love bank holidays!) Working with master pizzaiolo Bruno DiFabio with 6 world pizza titles under his belt, NY Fold offers proper pizza and great value too. Simply put, the best pizza this side of the pond.

pizza party

Free entrance all night and a free slice of pie for the first 50 guests through the door! For those who have never been to NY Fold before, (I’m not one to judge, but really?) it’s a new pizza place that’s graced our Soho streets in the last year. Anyone who’s been to The Big Apple and is craving NY style slices back in London, this is for you! Anyone who’s never tried a NY style slice, you need to come to our pizza party, because you haven’t lived until you’ve tried a slice of Pitt Master!

iphone photo

The pizza party is from 8pm – 11pm on Thursday 24th March. We’ve got DJ Suave to keep you entertained with some of the hottest tracks and a sneak peak of some of the playlists you might hear on Saturday 30th July! You can dance and eat pizza, right?! AND NY Fold have got the pizza and beers… honestly, what more could you want!

Oh yeah, PIZZA

We’re excited to welcome NY Fold, as one of our vendors, to MySliceFest and if you have any questions about the festival itself in July, one of our staff will be on hand to help at the pizza party. We’ll be the ones in the white MySliceFest t-shirts on the night, probably trying to scoff our body weight in pizza, but in between bites, feel free to ask away!

Hope I’ve convinced you to come along, but I mean all I really needed to say was FREE PIZZA PARTY and you guys are all over it, amiright! Get in touch for guestlist… 

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