Baked & Battered at MySliceFest

This week, we released our 6th pizza vendor for MySliceFest in July. We’ll be welcoming Baked and Battered to our festival and we’re really excited to try a slice. (They look so delicious, I’m getting distracted).

Baked & Battered pizza

So let’s learn a bit more about Baked and Battered.

They’re based in Cobham in Surrey and have a lovely little shop where they sell takeaway pizza (Baked) and fish & chips (Battered). Hence the name. Clever, right!? This is far from your average takeaway though; the pizza is made by an award-winning chef, who regularly competes in internationally recognised pizza chef competitions (yes, it’s a thing).  Now that’s not something that you see every day.

Baked & Battered

But then neither is pizza delivery in smart cars, that hasn’t stopped them…

Baked & Battered

Baked and Battered homemade dough is prepared freshly every day on site in Cobham with ingredients delivered from no further than 30 minutes away – it doesn’t get much more locally sourced than that!

They’ll be bringing their ‘Baked’ van to MySliceFest…

Baked & Battered at MySliceFest

and serving up some super tasty slices (full menu will be available in July hopefully). With reviews like, “there’s just no faulting it…” and “the greatest pizza in Surrey”, they’re sure to go down a treat at MySliceFest. We can’t wait to see what tasty creations they come up exclusively for the festival. I mean just look at this Valentine’s special they did – special edition mozzarella, roasted vegetables and cured salmon *drools*.

Valentine's special at Baked & Battered


Hopefully they’ll bring along Marco’s award-winning pizza to our festival.

Pizza Del Campione

Mozzarella, five cheeses cream glaze, artichokes, cherry tomatoes topped with sea salt, oregano and extra virgin olive oil, bresaola

Baked & Battered at MySliceFest

I’ll be first in line to try it!

They’re looking forward to bringing their traditional and unique pizzas to our London audience in less than 8 weeks!


Got your tickets yet? No… Are you crazy? They’re selling like hot pizzas, be quick. CLICK HERE to get yours now.

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