When festivals happen it is the biggest excuse for us to dress up, to show off our summer fashion and some skin (sorry mum). Feeling the summer breeze (or rain as it is London) and liberated, listening to the bass of house music in the background, there just isn’t a better reason to dress up at a festival. Okay now to the fun part…what is the best style for the LARGEST pizza festival?! This isn’t your good old festival where you just go out with your friends outdoors, put a t-shirt on and listen to some tunes, this is a PIZZA festival, so what to wear? Let’s start from the top and work our way down to the bottom. Starting off with the traditional massive hat to block the sun mostly for fashion but also blocking the sun. You can never go wrong with a good beach wave hair and a big floppy hat. If you’re not really a hat person not to worry you will still have something to accessorize your hair with. A circlet headpiece or my favourite flower headband. I find a headpiece more fun and it feels more like summer with all the colours flowers and sparkle, not to mention I feel like a princess. Plus that’s bonus points for being the ultimate bohemian babe.

Alright, what’s next? Big glasses are always the way forward! Especially when it comes to festivals, besides from protecting your eyes from the sun it just completes your outfit (I would so wear it at night…if I could see) or if you want to go all out sticking on little diamonds around eyes just makes your eyes POP! When it comes to what you wear think patterns, it gives a cool girl vibe- you just can’t go wrong with patterns at a summer festival. SHOES! Who else struggles to find the perfect footwear to go with their outfit? This is why boho chic is the best, not only at festivals but the whole summer season. Ankle boots go with everything, it doesn’t matter what colour ankle boots, heels if you want to elongate your legs or flats they will just look amazing with anything especially short shorts (my fav!) Lucky there’s not going to be a mud slide at Wembley Park, so your shoes are safe. Boho chic is all about channelling your inner-70’s wild child with a modern twist, with all the feathers, colours and accessories, it has just got summer style written all over it.


The best thing about a themed festival is that we can be even more creative with our outfits, more daring and another excuse to dress up for any theme. Lucky for us it’s the best theme ever, PIZZA! Now this is our chance to really have fun with this theme, if its having a face paint of a pizza slice or pizza accessories, either way it’s going to be a laugh and look great in pictures #PizzaSquad.   

large5boho chic

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