Essentials for a pizza festival

We had a glimpse of summer last week and now it seems to have disappeared, but hopefully not for too long. While the weather can’t quite make up its mind, I thought I’d take this opportunity to lay down some essentials for MySliceFest, because – let’s be honest – it really is one of a kind.

Not only is it London’s largest outdoor pizza festival, it’s also London’s first attempt at a music/food festival hybrid. So, go out and buy your ticket to the event to end all others; the festival that will question everything you know as a festival-goer and pizza-lover. And once you’ve got your mitts on this season’s hottest ticket, check out my guide below so you don’t forget anything.

1. Your ticket.

Thought I’d state the obvious very early on – if you have an e-ticket from either Ticketmaster or Skiddle, this will NEED to be printed to scan at the entrance gate. A ticket from any other outlet is fine, you’ll just need to head to the box office before the entrance gate.

Hot-dog & fries on a pizza - only at MySliceFest!

2. An empty stomach

It is a PIZZA FESTIVAL after all! We’ve got you covered, from midday to 9pm. That’s a whole 9 hours to eat as many slices as you want. While we might be little late for breakfast, we’ve certainly got everything else sorted. From lunch, to dinner, to supper and beyond. The beyond being dessert – if you’re unsure about the Nutella pizza, let me tell you – it is the stuff dreams are made of. A chocolatey pizza, have we gone crazy? I know, I thought the same but once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder how you ever went so long without it.

3. ID

Don’t worry, I’m getting the boring ones out the way. Whether you purchased a student ticket, got a free birthday one or you’ve got an absolute baby face, our security do reserve the right to refuse anyone entry who is under 18 so please don’t forget it. If you’re unsure about this, consult our FAQs or drop us an email.

4. Your pizza face

We want to see them all. As many selfies and pizza pictures as you can. We’ll have our own snapchat filter on the day for you to use too, so snap away!

Show us your pizza face!

5. Cash/Card

Almost every stall at MySliceFest will be running on a token basis. It’s really simple: buy your tokens at one of the booths when you enter the festival and you can redeem them at any pizza vendor or bar in the festival site. We’re making it super easy too with cash and cards both being accepted at the token booths.

6. Anything pizza related

Got a pizza t-shirt? Or phone case – if you’re super obsessed like me (it started as a joke about pizza taking over my life and ended up with a 10p phone case that I’ve actually grown attached to).

Anyway, the point is, if you’re all as pizza crazy as we think/know you are… we want to see it – come on, really bring your A-game!

MySliceFest pizza t-shirts

7. No wellies but you might need a mac.

While we can guarantee no mud slides at the lovely Wembley Park, we unfortunately, can’t guarantee that the British sun will shine in all her glory all day long – better to be safe than sorry.

8. That festival style

With luxury clothing brand, House of CB, as a promotional partner for the Gilgamesh-sponsored VIP bar… we challenge you to channel your inner Coachella.

Festival fashion
I feel like I definitely went off on a tangent there, but the basics are right. You just bring yourself and all your mates and we’ll provide the music, booze, games, rides, face paint and of course, PIZZA!

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