Our next pizza brand release is here and it’s a good ‘un! Garden Grove, the travelling pizzaioli from Brighton, will be accompanying us to MySliceFest this summer. Regulars on the festival circuit across the UK and Europe, their walk-in garden stall infuses “traditional Mediterranean cuisine with a twist for the taste buds of today”.

garden grove pizza

Garden Grove stems from the founder, Stefano, who spent many a year with his family growing and cooking food from scratch in Greece and across Europe. This mobile pizzeria really is a recipe for success, especially with a team including an ex-pastry chef, a guy from the home of pizza itself, enthusiastic, friendly front of house staff and a mobile oven, designed and built in Napoli, Italy.

Garden Grove set-up

The great thing that makes Garden Grove stand out is their approach to the environment and helping the community. Their ovens are powered using only FSC wood, which means that for every tree they use, a replacement seed is planted, and that’s not all! Their vehicle runs on bio-diesel (when it’s available, which luckily it is at the moment), they’re currently working on making the truck solar powered AND they aim “to donate any leftover food to FareShare, a non-profit organisation that fights poverty and homelessness…in and around Brighton and Hove”.

So you really can enjoy that pizza guilt-free!


We can’t wait for for you all to try a Garden Grove delicious pizza: with flour from Antico Molino mill (Napoli), tomatoes from the foothills of Campania, Mozzarella from domesticated Italian Buffalo’s milk, handpicked herbs and Kalamate olive oil from the mountains of Pelion, Greece. Even writing about it is making me hungry…

garden grove travelling pizzaioli

We caught up with Stef as he prepares for the festival season, who said, “We are excited to be part of MySliceFest, sharing the day with like-minded pizza enthusiasts in the heart of our country’s capital.” And here at MySliceFest HQ, we’re really excited to able to bring a Brighton regular to you Londoners.

Head over to their website to learn more about their ingredients, their ethos and more and we’ll see you on Saturday 30th July at their unique set-up… we’ll be the ones fighting over the slice with the most mozzarella!

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