Love at first bite - MySliceFest t-shirt

Our first t-shirt campaign is here and we’re excited to show it off. We teamed up with a great crew over at Everpress to bring you the first official MySliceFest t-shirt – we hope you like it!

So you might have been lucky enough to get an Early Bird ticket, or maybe even a Super Early Bird one if you were crazy quick back in February, but the point is, you secured your spot at London’s hottest new festival – a combination much unlike any other. A pizza AND music festival. You’re still trying to get your head around the fact that there is such a thing… and to be perfectly honest so are we. Nonetheless, plans our side are going swimmingly so it’s about time you started to plan your festival day too.

official MySliceFest t-shirts

And the best way to get that going… purchasing an official MySliceFest t-shirt of course.

These lovely little things will only be available until Monday 16th May so you really haven’t got long if you want to snap up this offer and prove your true pizza love.

Everpress MySliceFest t-shirt

Love at first bite – that’s the slogan and it reflects us perfectly here at MySliceFest HQ. Each time we found a new vendor and sampled one of their delicious slices, it was instant love at first bite.

Some people say that love at first sight, isn’t a thing… But try telling us that when we bit into our very first waffle pizza or suspiciously tried, what turned out to be a favourite all round, the infamous Nutella pizza. It was an experience like no other and the perfect, well… the only way, to describe it really was ‘Love at first bite’ <3

Now obviously, we’re super biased over here but we really don’t want us to have all the fun. We want you guys to get involved and get the best possible experience from this year’s festival and we believe the way to do that is to get your hands on one of our t-shirts.

Pizza Party at NY Fold

These beauties are available in a range of sizes to suit everyone.

Those of you who came to our Pizza Party at NY Fold back in March and those brave contestants at our MAN vs PIZZA competition a couple of weeks ago will have seen, we’ve been tweaking and slicing (pun intended) our staff t-shirts to make them our own. And that’s the great thing about our design, we’ve kept them so versatile for a reason.

Those of you looking for a simple white t-shirt expressing your love of pizza – you’re the easy ones to please and we salute you. But for the rest of you, here’s some handy tips on making a few simple edits to make yours stand out.

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt

So why not snap up your t-shirt now, while stocks last. And I’m really not joking when I say you can ONLY get them before the 16th so be quick pizza lovers… and wear it with pride on Saturday 30th July to show your absolute dedication to the biggest pizza party London has ever seen!

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