MySliceWeb_PizzaLoveMusic_2LONDON’S LARGEST EVER PIZZA FESTIVAL! Okay, I’m calm now but yes you heard me. London is having the largest outdoor pizza festival, right here in Wembley Park, #winning. What can be better than music, drinks, the heat and of course pizza?! I heard it isn’t just going to be plain old pizza (as if pizza is ever plain #LoveMargherita ). There is going to be pizza cones, pizza waffles and pizza pop corns. Yes, you heard pizza waffles and popcorn, crazy right? Imagine all that melted cheese, YUM! Just imagine 30th ​July as the ultimate cheat day and then we can go back to working on our summer bodies. Hey, everyone needs a cheat day and what can be better than booze and pizza. With different pizza bases and toppings from independent vendors, we will definitely be part of the tasted it all club. Literally you can die a happy person after tasting these best kinds of pizzas #FoodComa.

This festival is going to be the thing you look forward to this summer, house music blasting through the speakers, bohemian chic fashion, getting your tan on at Wembley Park and of course stuffing your face with pizza. DJ’s will be playing music non stop so we can have time for a little boogie to make space for more pizza. This festival is not only going to be about eating pizza until you overdose, but there will also be different games too. All the house parties you went to during fresher’s week and the drinking games are going to finally pay off. Beer pong, apple bobbing twister and more (sorry no spin the bottle). A friendly game of tug of war is also going to be up (might be a bit hard to pull with all the pizza).

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The best thing about having a pizza festival is that it isn’t messy eating, you just fold and stuff it in. If you are messy eating a good pizza that is a skill, and you’re lucky we’re not going to be short on napkins. Everyone attending the MySliceFest is going to be part of the ultimate pizza squad #SquadGoals (sorry swifty).

Okay all this pizza talk is making me crave pizza now, too bad it’s still February and the pizza festival is all the way at the end of July. Oh well, you’re going to have to save your appetite for pizza until the summer and GO WILD! In the meantime, hit the gym and start squatting, because when you see all the delicious pizzas the only exercise you will be getting is running to the next pizza stall.

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