MySliceFest - show us your pizza face #mypizzaselfie

We’ve decided, here at MySliceFest HQ, that we shouldn’t be the only ones trying all these delicious pizzas… we want you to show us your pizza face. Every time you eat pizza, think of us and take a #mypizzaselfie!


We had a pizza tasting a while back at Peter’s in Swiss Cottage and loved all the photos of you guys enjoying our weird and wacky toppings. From hotdogs & fries, to Nutella – you lot loved every single one of them. Rave reviews all round!

MySliceFest pizza tasting at Peter's

Our pizza party at NY Fold in Soho last week was a success too, with loads of people trying out the huge slices inspired by the ones you’d find in The Big Apple itself. Again, huge praise from everyone, whether you were trying this new pizza place for the first time or one their regulars, there were lots of happy and full customers!

MySliceFest Pizza Party at NY Fold

We’re hoping to be able to book in plenty more events like this so that you will be able to try some of the slices that you can expect at MySliceFest… but we want to see any photos you have of you and your friends enjoying and stuffing your faces with pizza in the lead up to the festival.

We know you all love pizza as much as we do! Pizza fixes everything. Pizza will never hurt you. Pizza will always be there for you. When the going gets tough, my best advice to you will always be to order a massive cheesy pizza!

Show us your pizza face - #mypizzaselfie

So whether you live in London, or anywhere else across the UK (or the whole world in fact), we want to see those happy faces and we want you to think of us every time you eat a slice! Post your pictures on Twitter and/or Instagram tagging us at @myslicefest and using the hashtag #mypizzaselfie and we’ll retweet and regram any that we see 🙂

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