Pizza fixes everything

Literally, almost everything. It’s one of the few foods out there that everyone seems to just love. I mean, someone who doesn’t like pizza is not the kind of person you need in your life. You don’t need that negativity. And for all the tough times you do have, pizza will be there for you.

We like pizza

The most obvious pizza…

If you’re anything like us, every time you’re hungry, pizza will always be an option. Morning, noon or night. It’ll always be there, whether it’s in leftover cold pizza form, home-made or made for you at a swanky little Italian place. It will always satisfy those hunger cravings.

yummy pizza

The ice-breaker pizza…

I don’t know about you guys but the first time we ordered pizza to our first-year halls at uni, it was a total ice-breaker. Everyone got in on a slice of the action (apologies for the pizza pun) and it was a conversation starter that led to many a night ending up the exact same way – all sat in the common room stuffing our faces with pizza and laughing about all the silly drunken things we’d been up to.

pizza brings people together

The cliché pizza…

When you’re going through a break up, all you want to do is sit in your pjs, eat pizza and ice cream and watch films all day long… and that’s completely fine. Pizza will never judge you! And neither will we 🙂

The Cliché Pizza 

The laziest pizza…

Pizza literally requires no clean up. It comes in a box, already sliced up for you and good to go! It’s perfect when you’re feeling super lazy. I mean, it’s basically like it’s own edible plate if you really think about it…

pizza in a pizza box

The all-rounder pizza…

Even in it’s simplest form, the Margherita, it’s still an absolute winner. Big meat-lover? Pepperoni is always a win. Vegetarian? Chuck a loads of veggies on it. Gluten-free? Got it! For us, there’s almost nothing that wouldn’t work on a pizza. Our vendors for MySliceFest have been experimenting and we’re very excited for you to see what they’ll have in store! Expect toppings you’ve never seen or even imagined before. *drools*

But the jist is, no matter your taste, chances are… there’ll be a pizza for that. That’s the saying, right?!

When it comes to pizza, everyone is happy!

So, in short… Pizza is amazing, all day, every day. And before you say – YES, of course, we’re biased, but what did you expect from the team that are organising London’s largest outdoor pizza festival. The obsession is real!

And if you don’t believe us that pizza really does fix everything – Jennifer Lawrence herself said it, so it must be true…

pizza fixes everything

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