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The idea came to us like a lightning bolt. Authentic Neapolitan Italian pizza using homemade dough specially prepared each day in our kitchens in Cobham.

It was a novel idea, pizza delivery, but perhaps someone had already thought of it. We searched high and low but we couldn’t find anyone doing what we considered our idea.

So what did we need…
Italian chefs with Mamma’s recipe
A huge and expensive Italian pizza oven
Large dough mixer thing
Long shovels for the oven
Inconspicuous little smart cars
Delivery drivers

Finally we had to think of a name, Dom (who knows pizza) suggested Dommi-Knows Pizza, this suggestion was immediately poo-poo’d “who would buy a pizza from a place that sounded like an old mans pub game” Good point, we agreed… so that’s how Baked came about!



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