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MYO Pizza was born out of Victoria’s love for cooking, food and most importantly: Italy. Dreaming of a restaurant since the young age of eleven, she spent her teenage years working in the industry and imagining concepts for her perfect restaurant.

It wasn’t until her time in the corporate world; that she really felt she hit the nail on the head, and the idea of MYO Pizza was formed. Realising that people appreciate more choice from their dining experiences, she hit upon an idea where each customer’s experience was completely bespoke. Through giving people the opportunity to make their own pizza; even the fussiest of eaters can enjoy something they truly want, rather than “making do”.

Realising she needed to start somewhere, and needing to grow some capital for her ultimate dream of a restaurant; she felt encouraged to try the street food route. Following a 3 month research trip around Italy, and finding the love of her life; Theodore (a 1970 French Renault Estafette); her vision for MYO Italian Street Food was born. Through her authentically prepared dishes of focaccia pizza, arancini, meatballs and various other dishes; she hopes to bring a taste of Italy to the UK.

Based in Salisbury, Theodore and Victoria travel throughout the country; attending local events, festivals and private events. Victoria particularly enjoys private events as she believes Theo becomes the ‘star of the show’ and is the perfect gimmick to any party. So, if you’d like some home catering, with absolutely no washing up, give Victoria an email on

If you’d like to follow Victoria’s journey; from when she left the corporate world, to where she is today; or,if you just fancy knowing where Theodore will next be; check out the website on MYO will be at J P Morgan offering tasty treats for breakfast and lunch on the week commencing 9th May.



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