The Pizza Oven

The Pizza Oven

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We’re not music experts, but we do love a good tune, so we can’t wait to come to My SliceFest and discover some new stuff to dance to in our van. Well, wiggle to. There isn’t really enough room to bust out the big moves. Our clay oven takes up a fair bit of space, then we’ve got all our fresh ingredients plus the work surfaces (we hand make our pizzas on board). The thing is, if you try hard, you can definitely combine dancing with great pizza making. We might not be the biggest musicologists (or the best dancers), but we do know a thing or two about fantastic, fresh, wood-fired pizza. And we like making new friends as we feed people. So, come and say hi; we’d love to cook for you in a slightly wiggly way. Music, pizza and friends. That’s what summer’s for, right?



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