Hi pizza lovers,

The response to our tickets going on sale today has been absolutely overwhelming! We knew you all loved pizza but that was something else, guys. Our Super Early Bird tickets went on sale at midday today and, within 30 minutes, they were all completely sold out! You lot even managed to crash our lovely new site.

It’s alright though, we’ll let you off. We know you’re just excited about pizza and we get it. Trust me.

myslicefest pizza & me

MySliceFest has been a long time in the making. Months ago, one of our organisers came up with the idea and we instantly knew it was a hit. Since then, it’s been long days and nights in the office trying to get everything sorted for London’s largest ever outdoor pizza festival. Not to mention all the pizza tasting. I know it’s a hard job but someone has got to do it! 🙂 Your reaction today was so amazing, especially seen as it’s our first year putting on the festival. So thanks, guys!

Our hard work at HQ is not over yet though. We’ll be working hard trying to make sure MySliceFest is everything you’ve dreamt it to be. Please tell your friends that MySliceFest is the place to be this summer, the ultimate cheat day and talk them into getting their tickets now, while Early Birds are still available for £20. I guarantee they won’t take much convincing – I mean, it’s pizza, music and games. They’d be crazy to miss out!

myslicefest pizza

Congrats to everyone who managed to get hold of a Super Early Bird ticket, those of you yet to buy your ticket – what are you waiting for? Please be patient with our site, the poor thing underestimated your love of pizza but we’re getting there. In the mean time, get excited. It’s a bloody PIZZA FESTIVAL, for goodness sake!

Love pizza? Love music? …MySliceFest! <3

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