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We know that you guys are so excited for the pizza festival that you’re not going to be able to think straight until the day comes. Not to worry we have you covered…

As MySliceFest has been months into planning we know what to expect. This is the ultimate guide to your survival kit, everything you need for the largest pizza festival in the UK. Let’s start with the obvious, a cute backpack goes a long way I remember in school I could fit my P.E kit, books, makeup and a water bottle all into one small backpack and not feel a thing (plus you need both hands for all that pizza). I know you would think England sunrays are harmless and you just want to get a tan but sun cream is essential you don’t want to be burnt the next day, apply generously before you leave and pack a small bottle in your backpack. Okay, I know I just spoke about sun burns in England but at the same time it can be sunny, raining and snowing at the same time, it is England, nothing surprises us anymore. Fingers crossed that will not happen on the day but just incase pack a light poncho, this way you won’t be wet if London decides to rain on our parade LITERALLY!

sun glasses

For the girls and boys that want to tan, have a pizza and chill, a little towel to sit on might be something to think about to pack. With all the pizza that you are going to eat it might be worth for a two-minute lay down. I’m calling to all the people with long hair, pack a hairband or two or twenty! This is a pizza festival so there will be loads of different pizza’s. You don’t want your hair in your food and your hands will be too busy to constantly move your hair out of your face. This might be something to consider, as this will be a 9 hours long festival, your phones are constantly going to be in use taking pictures and recording all the fun. A portable battery charger might be something you want to invest in before the 30th July, nothing is worse than being at a festival with a dead battery.

Just incase all the excitement and different new pizza’s get to your head, painkillers might be a good idea to take with you. You don’t want to ruin your fun with a bad headache. Now for the dirty bits (not that kind of dirty), antibacterial hand wash is going to be your best friend at this festival. When it comes to facing the dreaded portable loo’s at a festival, especially at a pizza festival, where you will need your hands to eat, clean hands are more than essential! Do not forget it, if you must double up. Okay, last but not least as there will be lots of eating and dancing you might get a little sweaty. You don’t want to be known as the person that smells like BO, so a small deodorant might be a good choice.

And that’s about it if you check everything on this list you are prepared for London’s largest outdoor pizza festival.

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