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Here at MySliceFest, we’re excited to announce that our second pizza vendor will be The Pizza Oven from West Sussex. With the ethos, “street food, restaurant quality”, we can’t wait to see what yummy treats they cook up for us!

The Pizza Oven

Partners, Helen and Emma, share a love of meeting new people and sharing good food, creating The Pizza Oven back in 2012 for that exact purpose. Having spent a decade serving delicious homemade pizzas to their own families, they decided it was time to let the rest of us have a taste too (yay!). Their fully mobile, specially customised van really looks the part and provides a speedy set up at a range of festivals, local events and weddings.

The Pizza Oven at MySliceFest

With rave reviews and testimonials, such as: “best pizza ever and I’ve been to Italy” and “they taste like slices of heaven”, we can’t wait to try them. Many of The Pizza Oven’s ingredients are imported from Sardinia and Italy, so you know their toppings will be the finest quality and as flavoursome as can be. I mean, just look at this picture of the inside of the van…

The Pizza Oven

If that’s not attention to detail, I don’t know what is!

Keep an eye out on Facebook for regular street food spots and they regularly post weekly specials on Twitter – just the sight of this one is making my mouth water.


We caught up with Emma, in between street pitches, who said, “If you’ve got the best-possible fresh ingredients, a thin, crispy base, a wood fire and the artisanal skills of a pizzaiolo, you’re halfway towards a great pizza.  All you need to add is a group of fun-loving, chattering people who enjoy eating food that tastes as good as it looks.  We’ll bring the pizzas…”

And, of course, MySliceFest will bring the fun-loving people! – See you on Saturday 30th July 🙂

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