Villa Bianca at MySliceFest

So you might have heard by now that we have released our final pizza vendor for MySliceFest. The Villa Bianca Group are one of our partners for the festival and will be the main pizza brand with a massive 10 oven set-up on the day.

Villa Bianca at MySliceFest

The Villa Bianca group is a family-run small restaurant chain, based in London. They have a staggering 25 years experience bringing delicious Italian food to the people of Hampstead and I can vouch that the food is very tasty. Across their three Italian restaurants (Piccola, Peter’s and Villa Bianca), they have traditional Neapolitan recipes, friendly and authentic chefs and staff which is always a good sign. As is the fact that the saying ‘you can tell it’s good Italian food when Italians eat there’ definitely applies.


As I mentioned, the Villa Bianca group with be bringing an impressive 10 oven set-up to the festival, so that they can produce some of their original and most popular toppings, along with some brand new creations they’ve been cooking up for you guys.

Pizza by The Villa Bianca Group

Any of you who made it to our free pizza tasting back in March and the MAN vs PIZZA competition in April will have already had a taste of some of the amazing treats that Villa Bianca will be offering. Remember the infamous Nutella pizza that we’ve been going on about for months, these are the guys who made it happen!

Nutella Pizza by Villa Bianca

We can’t wait for you guys to see their full menu and decide which tasty treat slices you’ll go for on the day. XXL slice anyone…?

XXL Slice by Villa Bianca

We caught up with Villa Bianca’s managing director, Nick, who said:

“Every one loves pizza and everyone loves music, this is going to be epic!!!!  When we heard about MYSLICEFEST,  we jumped at the occasion to take part, to bring quality food to a special occasion is what we are all about, this is going to be one of the highlights of this summer and we cannot wait for this to happen … so as the famous quote goes ‘you can’t buy happiness but you can buy pizza, and that’s kind of the same thing!'”


He really has got a point. I mean, what more could you guys want than to chill out at Wembley Park on a Saturday in July and stuff your faces with delicious pizza. Throw in the hottest tracks from some of London’s leading DJs and live acts and you’ve pretty much got our ideal day out!

Get your tickets now, they’re selling crazy fast!


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